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Master Keyboardist

Parker Blue

Born Robert Parker, Iowa bred Master Keyboardist, Parker Blue started out on violin at age 7. A year or so later adding piano. Moved from classical piano and violin to jazz bass and rock flute before his chance meeting of woodwind man, Jac Jaz in a Los Angeles studio. Has opened for Grover Washington, Phoebe Snow and performed with Hubert Laws along with the Santa Cruz Symphony. *


"I listen to and enjoy a lot of different musical styles. Rock & Roll, Jazz, Country, Gospel, Rap..that is some Rap, etc.. It helps to understand a variety of musical points of view. Everybody is trying to express something. If you can hook up, you'll get the message. Sad to say, I have not been able to get next to opera, but I'm trying. Peace on the planet."

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite time of day: Early Morning

Favorite drink: Orange Juice

Favorite food: German Chocolate Cake!

Who has a lot of my money: Drake University, IRS, music stores

Hobbies: Working on the house, peering through his Meade telescope, riding his Mountain Bike (more often,  looking at it hanging in the garage), electronics (taking things apart never to be restored), tweaking computers & cooking the occasional meal

Goals: Take care of my family, be the best I can be, help someone, never forget to be thankful to God for my life and talent & get the next CD done before the end of the year (2006).

Discography: Jackson Blue - View Park Records "Life's Beat", Hal Leonard Music, Grant Green and Joe Pass projects (Instructional CD's), many individual projects as sideman throughout the country.

FIlm Work:  Discovery Channel  "The Dinosaur Chronicles" - Forsher Films

"I've played around, but wasn't prepared to answer this question, can you come back tomorrow?"

*Parker Blue has also earned a living as a bus driver, brickyard laborer, security guard, janitor, audio engineer,  telecommunications  manager, sales support engineer working in  telephony and neural net based knowledge management technology and a business owner http://www.parkerbt.com.

Also plans for a solo piano project sometime soon. "It's just another side of playing that I want to explore. If I like the tracks, it will be my new CD. If not, only my closest friends will hear it." About 6 pieces chosen so far...

Update on Solo CD: I'm working on it seriously for 2006-ish.

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"My sister and I at her piano (I got the violin)"


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Late night fun after it's too late to keep everyone up making music  

Missing from this shot is the "Dew Guard"(The coastal climate makes it mandatory),

which makes for an impressive profile.

If this thing breaks one more time.......(see pic below)

~~~~ I'll keep fixing it, because it's become a dear freind~~~~

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